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Jets Fans Feel Effect of Training Camp Going into Big Weekend

CORTLAND, NY (WSTM3), January 22, 2010
By Joe Roetz

CORTLAND -- The New York Jets held their training camp in Cortland last summer, and now the team is one win away from the Super Bowl. It's going to be a big party weekend in the Crown City, where Jets fans are taking a personal interest in the team's NFL playoff game on Sunday.

Fans at Doug's Fish Fry are quick to say that to even eat there, you need to be a partial fan of the team. "Everybody here was all decked out in green, shirts, caps, everything else for the jets," says Mike Stapleton of Cortland.

The owner of Doug's Fish Fry is a major fan of the team, and when they took over Cortland last summer, he hosted major events and took time to visit the team on the field at SUNY Cortland. Since then, the team has gone 9-7 in the regular season, and is now vying for the AFC Championship this weekend. Roy Petrie says, "I'm not a big Manning fan, so I'm hoping it works out, really hoping. I think they can pull it off, they just need to come with their A-game and take right over."

With Super Bowl XLIV so close and the AFC Championship game on Sunday, fans in Cortland say their city may have the magic spark to send the team all the way. "Whatever happened there, It mighta been a little magic for the people in Cortland as well," says John Barden.

No matter what happens the rest of the season, fans say they're welcome back here in Cortland, and at Doug's Fish Fry, next summer.

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